Bella Essence Photography: Blog en-us Bella Essence Photography (Bella Essence Photography) Wed, 31 Mar 2021 13:28:00 GMT Wed, 31 Mar 2021 13:28:00 GMT Bella Essence Photography: Blog 120 93 What to Wear for Family Photography I found this well said on a blog I follow from Pretty Presets.  I think this will help a lot of my famlies regarding the Do's and Dont's about what to wear for their photo session.


While picking the clothing to wear to a family photoshoot is difficult for your clients, it doesn't have to be.  Here are some quick Do's and Don'ts you can share with them as they prepare to come to your for photos. With a few little tips, clients can do their part to ensure a beautiful outcome!


  • Have either a fresh coat of nail polish on your nails that coordinates with your outfit or don’t have any nail polish on at all.  You don’t want chipped nail polish.
  • Wear makeup even if you don’t normally.  If you don’t usually wear makeup, use a tinted moisturizer and mascara.  This will help even your skin tone and make your eyes pop a little bit.  If you do normally wear makeup, I suggest going to your salon and getting professional makeup and hair done.  It’s so fun to pamper yourself and know you will look even more amazing!  For children and dads, they get off easy! 
  • Make sure hair is done.  If family members need a cut, do it a week before your session.  That way you have time to get used to it and working with it.


  • Wear a bright bra.  I always tell clients to wear a nude color bra and be sure it’s strapless if they are wearing spaghetti straps or any clothing where their bra straps can be seen.
  • Don’t show up with chipped nail polish. I know that was mentioned in the DO’s, it’s just that important!
  • Bring along makeup for touch ups.  Also bring your brush and hairspray just in case!
  • Don’t wear characters on clothing.  Or logos.  Or anything splashed all over the clothing that detracts from your family.  This means no Dora, no Nike swoosh sign across a shirt and no light up shoes.  Those are best kept at home, not worn to family photos.
  • Wait until the last minute to put together your clothes.  Trust me on this one, I’ve done it and it didn’t turn out well!  I made horrible choices on a couple of shirts I ran out to buy and I was so unhappy with the pictures.  Not because of the photographer, but because the fit of the shirt on me added 100 pounds. Not good.

Here are some of their examples from sessions of families that nailed the whole idea of coordinating. 


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Fall Mini Sessions My niece turned one this past Friday and it's time to get back to the grind of things!  Everyone has been asking me about Fall Mini Sessions!  I have set up a facebook event to organize dates and times.  Please go check it out!



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Senior Photos Class of 2017 It is the time of year where parents and students are prepping for the upcoming school year.  This summer has flown by and although a hot summer, I have no complaints.  The warmer the weather is, the more time I have to go spend time on the lake or in a pool with family and friends!  Great excuse to enjoy Pure Michigan!  The best part about this upcoming school year is for the Seniors, this is the last year of high school!  One of your proud moments and the best year yet!  Your parents are excited and nervous to see what your future holds but only you can make that happen!  Do not let anyone get in the way of your goals or dreams!  Open the doors to your future!!!  With that being said, it's time to book your Senior Session with me!  My Packages and pricing are here   If you have any questions, I'm available via phone call, Text or email.  

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Like me on Facebook I may not be a blogger or write a lot, but I just wanted to keep you informed on some things that are going on.


I'm preparing for a busy summer taking some amazing photos of some amazing people.  Will you be one of them :-).  I'm looking forward to photographing Stephanie & Mike, Brandon & Trin and Matt & Holly's wedding this summer!  Everyone stay safe and stay tuned!


Don't forget to like me on Facebook at 

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Why did I become a photographer? A question that seems to be asked by everyone to every photographer.... Why did you become a photographer? 


I was always the child that always had a camera in my hand, brought it to school, events, sleepovers, etc.   I loved to capture the memories I was making with my family and friends from grade school until now.  The excitement of going to the store and getting my film developed to see what pictures I took was the best thing to me.  I always bought doubles so I could give the doubles to my family and friends that were in the pictures.  They loved the ones I would capture of all of us getting awards at school, hanging out at lunch, graduating high school, etc.  They would laugh at the goofy faces that others would make when you caught them off guard, laughing at a joke or sleeping.  The candid shots were everyone's favorites when they weren't in the picture haha.

I decided to go to college to get my accounting degree, but never could afford to take extra classes that didn't involve my degree.  I was concentrated on getting my degree and workin in my field as soon as possible.  

Jump to two years ago, I took the plunge and bought a DSLR camera.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell my friend who was a professional photographer because I knew the love she had for photography and she is amazing at what she does.  Little did I know at the time, but she also had the passion to teach me everything she knew.  Over the years I had looked up to her, I knew we were going to have an amazing friendship.  She asked me to come along to her weddings to 3rd shoot with her and be one of her assistants.  Not only that, but she had a 2nd shooter come along with her that taught her a lot of what she knew.  Best of both worlds and some amazing talented women. Boy was I in heaven doing something I truly love and learning from the best and the only one I would let take my family pictures.

As I continued to teach myself, take workshops and mentor under my friend, I always get asked the million dollar question...  The answer, to me, is because I love capturing memories that my clients will never get back.   I love seeing my work on their walls, this Christmas cards and their save the dates they pass out to all their loved ones.

The most memorable session I did was of a family who had lost their son the previous year and realized how important it was to get family pictures done.  They brought their mother and father, their children and grandchildren and I was able to capture such a special moment with their family and even more with their mother and father.  They were in their 80's and were so in love.  Little did I know how important that picture would be to their family a couple months later when the Father had past and then a month after that, the mother had past.  Going to both funerals, seeing my work and hearing the thank you from the family and the hugs of how much my photos meant to them made me realize right than and there, this is why I've become a photographer.

To capture the memories of engagement pictures, weddings, maternity session of a mother and father so excited to meet their little blessing of joy.  The first day at the hospital where I get to capture the almost first of everything, first diaper change, first time Grandma and Grandpa get to meet their grandchild, the first time the sibling gets to see their baby brother or sister,, etc.    Newborn pictures, one year old pictures, milestones, Seniors graduating from High School and the cycle starts over again. Truly some amazing memories that everyone looks back at and shows off to their friends and family, hang on their walls, social media, in their office and everywhere else.  That is why I became a photographer..

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Happy New Year I had quite the 2015 with Bella Essence Photography and I can't say thank you enough for everyone who has been involved in the process.  I continue to strive to add my clients to Bella Essence Photography and make some incredible memories.  I love capturing moments with you and your loved ones.  It makes my heart melt as I watch my clients show off my work and how happy it makes them. 


Here is to a fantastic 2016 of Happiness, Health and Prosperity to you and yours and I hope I'm there to capture those moments!

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Learning I'm having so much fun learning new things about my clients.  Yesterday I had the honor in photographing Holly & Matt's engagement session!  We were able to add in their 4 year old son Evan to the fun, so we combined the session with a family session as well.  He was so handsome, telling his Mommy and Daddy to kiss and helping me pose them. Evan was the best assistant!   

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Welcome Welcome to my page!  I'm getting all moved in and slowly getting things organized :-).  If you haven't visited the about me section yet, my name is Julie Rader.  I'm a beginner photographer and I am really enjoying the love for capturing a moment in time.  Don't get me wrong, I have a lot to learn, but I'm also learning very quickly and mentoring under an amazing professional photographer that I've always looked up to.  I've been told by many photographers that I have great posing and composition ideas and they are loving the work I'm producing.  I like a challenge and love outside photos!  I do have a little studio in my basement, but why use that when you have the beautiful backdrop of nature!  Sit back and enjoy, there will be more to come!  


PS... I just found out that I'm going to be an Aunt to a Southern Belle named Chloe Danette <3  

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